To maintain proper spinal alignment, BackSense uses our HourGlass Back Support® System provides zones of support for the different regions of your spine. This allows you to rest in a completely neutral position for optimum rest and recovery. (Read more)


Innergy mattresses feature foam encasement, alternating coil design and extra comfort layers which virtually eliminate sleep-disturbing motion transfer while providing an exceptionally comfortable and supportive sleep surface. (Read more)


The Therawrap collection from Therapedic utilizes the most advanced innerspring technology available–wrapped coil technology. This design provides the most restorative and undisturbed sleep of any innerspring mattress. (Read more)



MemoryTouch mattresses are made with temperature and pressure sensitive visco-elastic or “memory” foam. This leading-technology product conforms to your body, providing both outstanding support and unsurpassed comfort. (Read more)